Frequently Asked Questions

For Members

Download the GoPage for Shoppers app in the App store or Google Play store and create your username and password, login and reap the benefits of Gopage! .
Yes you can still participate in GoPage by simply providing the SMB owner with just your phone number and name. However, you wont get all the same benefits out of GoPage if you don’t have the app.
Yes just give your phone number at the till to redeem.
Just give the SMB owner or person at the till your phone number.
When you walk into a registered GoPage business you will present your membership QR code which is located in the GoPage for Shoppers app. The SMB will scan your QR code and select the deal you want to redeem. A notification will pop up in the app letting you know it went through.
Open the GoPage for Shoppers app and go to the “Find Deals” icon and there you can search different categories, or search based on location. You will need to allow the app to know your location in order to get the most accurate information.

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