Local Loyalty & Customer Engagement Made Easy

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Support Local, Independent Businesses!

GoPage is your partner in neighborhood loyalty. GoPage and local business owners have teamed up to deliver you an experience where you benefit from shopping locally and supporting small business!

GoPage Loyalty

GoPage rewards you for shopping in your local area and rewards you even further when you engage and share GoPage with friends, businesses and more!

Earn GoPage Rewards!

Our GoPage reward points sysem gives you the fast track in earning points. You earn and redeem points towards rewards that you want.

For Business & Consumers

Businesses engaged in the GoPage platform benefit from customers who share data to help them. In return, they provide consumers deals and rewards.

The Team behind GoPage

More than just deals: GoPage is Local Loyalty

A neighbourhood and community platform that provides a Loyalty and Customer Engagement Platform to Small Businesses right out of the box!

GoPage is a Personal Companion

The GoPage app directs you to locations, deals, rewards and more!

Intelligence in your Hand

By using the GoPage app, you are guided to local businesses who use the data you share to serve you better. Everybody wins!


Own and Share your Consumer Data

GoPage is the first platform that rewards you by doing what you do already: Share, Like, Favorite and Explore! You control your data and who you share it with.

GoPage Points

GoPage gives you points for just about everything you do. You may redeem those points for rewards at the places you shop.

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GoPage Is Part of your Journey

Your smartphone is your connection to the world and we make it simple and easy to benefit from things you already do everyday.

Local businesses have the ability to reward their customers via the GoPage platform. Send out deals, connect via location, via trends and more and use the GoPage Business Intelligence to help plan your marketing efforts!
Your customers are the life blood of your business and GoPage members connect, pitch and share what and how they experience your business in real time!
Loyalty programs used to be almost exclusively for larger companies. GoPage allows small businesses to plan and adopt their own loyalty programs.

Available Summer 2016 - The GoPage App!

It is important to reach potential customers when they’re nearby and the GoPage app delivers, simply and effectively.

Intelligent tools that track where you are and rewards you instantly for sharing, liking, pitching and engaging all from the palm of your hand.

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The GoPage App

Clean and intuitive, the GoPage App for Apple and Android devices is Local Loyalty in the palm of your hands. Connect, share, reward and experience all the shopping locally.

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Sign up now and when GoPage goes into Public Beta we will let you know and then let you be one of the first to experience all that GoPage has to offer!

Connect Your Business to GoPage

Connect your business with GoPage. One of our friendly GoPage staff will contact you and let you know how GoPage can work for your business.